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Top Services

  • - Desktop Technical Support
  • - Hardware and Software Sales
  • - Network Design, Implementation/Support
  • - Advisory Services on ICT Procument
  • - Development of ICT Security Strategiess
  • - Onsite Technical Support
  • - Antivirus Solutions
  • - Web-Hosting and Development
  • - Computer Lab Installations
  • - Residential Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Our Talented In-house and freelance ICT Consulting Professionals provide impressive service to Clients.

    Our solutions delivery competency extends from end to end allowing your customer to work, transact business and communicate while on the move.

Our SOHO Services


BAITS has a team of Highly Qualified Technicians, we are able to Fix your Computer and Help you Connect to the Internet.

--- BAITS fixes Hardware problems

--- BAITS fixes software problems

--- BAITS sells computers

--- BAITS upgrades computers

--- BAITS Cleans Viruses

--- BAITS Recovers Lost Data



BAITS Connect

We Assist in setting-up:

---- Internet

---- Wi Fi Networks (Wireless)

---- Wired Networks (LAN)

---- Website Hosting

---- CCTV Installations


Book a Technician!!!!

BAITS is able to book an appointments within a day, so please call us as soon as your computer or network giving unpleasanr signs.

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  • Qualified
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